The Best Online DJ Courses of 2020; Learn the Right Way!

Last Updated on April 30, 2020.

Degrees in DJing are not something that you can really get, however you can find all the information online at a fraction of the price of enrolling in a music school, sometimes even for free.

I honestly believe that you can become an excellent musician all on your own, without having to resort to music schools or even teachers.

However, a little help here and there won’t hurt, which is why I created this list about the best DJing courses out there.

I will also add a couple freebies which can definitely help you!

Let’s get started!

How to Become a DJ – Udemy

This is the best-selling DJ course on Udemy. It’s a complete masterclass with over 11 hours of content, which is a lot longer than most other courses.

Ross Palmer, who is the teacher of this course, has spent 13 years perfecting his craft and building his DJ technique, starting from vinyl all the way up to CDs.

He worked at Armada Music with some of the greatest DJs in the world today, and he says that he even found out during that time that his skills were on par or even higher than the ones of most signed artists.

In this course he will teach you the technical foundations and the skills necessary to be a top-level DJ that can perform in front of huge crowds.

If you want to learn what it takes to be a real DJ, how to become one, and learn all the essential techniques, then this course is a must.

You can find out more at the Udemy Website here.

Rekordbox Dj – Mix like a Professional! – Udemy

This curse is strictly geared towards beginners, and you will learn how to use the Pioneer software, which is one of the best ones in the industry.

The course starts completely from scratch, so no prior experience is required, however if you already own a controller, then that can enhance the experience.

Compared to the previous course I just listed that offers 11 hours of instructions, this one is only 2.5 hours long.

However, it covers all the basics and it goes straight to the point while still keeping it simple and easy to follow.

You can find out more at the Udemy Website here.

Millionaire DJ – Udemy

Millionaire DJ is one of the best courses for beginners out there that starts off with gear recommendations and all the equipment you need as well as the software, which is something that most beginners struggle with.

Note: You’ll need FL Studio for this course.

You can, however, use the Free trial version of the software, but it’s not recommended.

Just like with all courses, this one will take you a bit of time since you can’t just complete it in one sitting.

You’ll need to absorb all the concepts and learn to apply them, which is something that actually takes quite a lot of time.

In this course you’ll learn by creating 2 professional songs with your own melodies, as well as learn how to use FL Studio 12 properly.

Lastly, you will learn what steps to take in order to start making money off of your skills.

You can find out more at the Udemy Website here.

Now, I also wrote a post about the 29 best music production courses available, which you should definitely check out!

DJ Techniques with Ableton Live

Note: You will require some previous knowledge on how to use Ableton Live to fully take advantage of this course.

This is a course by one of Udemy’s best-selling instructors, Jason Allen, who clearly knows his stuff inside and out.

The course itself is geared towards beginners and intermediates, however since you need to have some pretty good Ableton Live knowledge, I think that even some advanced DJs should be able to get something out of it.

It’s one of the best courses to learn DJing in a comprehensive way.

What you will learn

  • DJ and Perform music using Ableton Live
  • Create a dynamic set for getting a crowd dancing
  • Use effects and transitions to keep the music flowing
  • Effect Racks
  • Parallel Processing
  • Performance Effect Racks
  • Controllers
  • MIDI Mapping

You can find out more at the Udemy Website here.

Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

I don’t think Armin Van Buuren needs any introduction…

He’s a very well-known DJ, record producer and remixer who makes some of the best electronic and trance music out there.

In this course you will learn a lot about electronic music production; how to build tracks from start to finish, performing, promoting your music and more.

The class provides you with 33 lessons, a downloadable workbook and audio stems from Armin’s projects.

The course can be accessed from your PC, Apple TV and all mobile devices… meaning that you can even learn while commuting to work.

How much does it cost?

You have two options when signing up with; paying $90 for every individual course or pay a $15 a month which will be billed annually.

If you’re serious about trance music, then the Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music course is definitely for you.

DJ Courses Online

This is a fantastic website that offers dozens of courses specifically tailored for DJs.

The great thing about DJ Courses Online is that it offers loads of courses for different levels, and there are also many instructors to choose from.

This just means that there is at least one course for everybody, no matter the skill level.

Plus, if you don’t like one style of teaching, just move on to the next course and see if you like the other instructor better.

On this website you don’t pay for individual courses since it’s a subscription-based membership.

You can pay monthly, annually, or you can simply purchase a lifetime membership.

If you truly want to learn as much as there is to know about DJing, then DJ Courses Online is probably the best place to start with, since it literally offers a lot for everyone, no matter the level of knowledge.

Some of the best courses are;

Like I just mentioned, I think this is the best place overall to learn how to DJ.

So, find out more about DJ Courses Online here.


Now, if you don’t want to spend any money on online DJing courses, I get you!

Even though all of the courses I listed are excellent and teach some of the essential concepts you’ll need to grow as a DJ and a producer, there are still some ways in which you can learn that for free.

I’d recommend looking for video content over written content.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious; You can see and hear what’s going on, which is much better for learning.

So, YouTube is your best friend here.

Let’s start with LaidBack Luke’s channel.

LaidBack Luke

Laidback Luke has made a big name for himself in the DJing industry. If there’s one guy on YouTube that you should probably learn from, it’s him.

The great thing about his channel is that he covers just about everything you need to know in order to become a better DJ;

From teaching you the basics all the way to the most advanced techniques you could ever learn.

If you like his style of teaching, which is really informative and to the point, then you will certainly like his channel.

The great thing about YouTube, besides being free, is that you can follow one teacher and learn everything from them, rather than having a different one in every course.

It all depends on what style you prefer.

Sadly, with YouTube there’s no certificate to work towards…

But in all honesty, when it comes to music, I don’t think certificates are even important.

Most of my favorite musicians, no matter what style of music they make, are self-taught.

So, don’t think that just because it’s free and there’s no certificate that it’s not worth the time.

Moving on…

Jon Sine

Jon Sine is not only an experienced DJ, but he also knows the music industry inside and out.

On his YouTube channel you will find information about just anything related to both of these subjects, and I highly suggest you watch his videos.

The video I just linked talks about all the essentials about DJing that a beginner should know, which just means that you won’t have to spend any cash on a course that goes over these things and you will still learn them.

Other very informative videos you should watch are;

Go check out Jon Sine’s channel and learn more about DJing and the Music industry for free!

My Top Recommendation

The ones I’d recommend the most are from DJ Courses Online since they offer great quality courses at an affordable price, especially since it’s subscription-based, which means that you can pay for a single month and do all the courses you want.

If you even want to get more bang for your buck, getting the yearly subscription will save you a total 50%.

Which Controllers should you use?

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You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on colleges if you want to become a good DJ, there’s just no need.

You can even do it completely for free by learning everything from YouTube.

However, I would still recommend that you enroll in some courses that focus on the key aspects that you need to improve on.

The site I would recommend the most is DJ Courses Online since it teaches everything there is to know about DJing and music production, and it’s also very affordable since by paying for just one month you can get loads of courses done.

I hope this information was useful.

Have a great day!

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