Learn everything there is to know about music production

Be sure to check out my recording tips as well as my gear recommendations here:

Get access to some of the Best Software on these posts;


FL Studio Plugins

I created a huge list of over 41 VST plugins currently available for FL Studio, both free and paid, and they all sound awesome. Make sure you check it out here!


VST Plugins

Here is a huge list that comprises most of the best free plugins out there, but where you can also find the paid upgrades to make them even better.

The best list for


I literally bought and downloaded dozens of different DAWs, tried them all out, and wrote a huge post where I included the ones I liked the best! Check it out!

Do you need more free plugins? VST Instruments, effects, and more?

Just use the search feature on the top right of the website to find what you’re looking for!

Find guides on the essential Home Studio Equipment needed to produce music!

This is a very extensive article covering both the absolute basics that you will need in order to be able to produce high-quality music at home, as well as the recommended equipment that you should strive to get at one point or the other.

Essential Home Studio Components Guide.

I wrote several articles about microphones and you can use the search bar on this website to find comparisons, recommendations, and more.

Here are some useful posts:

There are hundreds of different audio interfaces out there, which can definitely be confusing.

I wrote close to a dozen articles related to this subject, but here is one that should help you out the most.

Soundcraft Signature MTK 22
Soundcraft Signature MTK 22

While it may not be as common to use a mixer in a regular home studio, mainly because of the higher price tag, they can definitely add a lot of value.

Here are two articles about mixers suitable for home studios that should be useful;

Lastly, I wrote several very informative articles regarding music lessons, how to play certain instruments, and music theory as well.

Most of these sites offer free lessons as well as premium access to anyone who is willing to sign up to their memberships.

Music and Instrument Lessons

Guitar Lessons

By far the most popular online lessons you will find are about playing guitar.

There are literally hundreds of websites and YouTube channels dedicated only to that.

Here is a post I wrote about the best websites to learn to play the guitar online; some are completely free and some others require you to subscribe to a monthly membership.

The two best-known sites are GuitarTricks and JamPlay, and they both offer a 14-day free trial.

Piano Lessons

I have a whole post dedicated specifically to websites that offer piano lessons, and I also give you my opinion on which ones offer the best service overall.

So, absolutely check it out!

Music Theory

Music theory is absolutely essential, at least the basics.

The great news is that most websites that teach you music theory don’t charge a thing.


Here are 12 websites specifically dedicated to teaching you how to play the bass.

Sadly, there aren’t as many options available as there are for guitar.


Check out this article I wrote where I list all the best websites I know regarding musical instrument lessons; It’s over 60 at this point.

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