THR deBleed: The Ultimate Drum Gate!

Designed to remove Cymbal Bleed

deBleed was designed from the ground up to remove cymbal bleed without affecting the tone of the Kick, Toms, and especially the Snare.

THR MB-Control: Intuitive Multiband Compression!

3-Band Multiband Compressor

Elevate your audio with precision and ease using THR MB-Control, the intuitive 3-band multiband compressor designed for producers and audio engineers who demand both quality and flexibility in their workflow.

THR Compactor: Your Go-To Audio Compressor Plug-In!

Compression at its finest!

Unleash the full potential of your audio recordings with the THR Compactor, a versatile and user-friendly audio compressor plug-in designed to enhance your music production experience no matter if you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro!

THR LowEnhance – Improve the way your Low End sounds!

Experience a Tight and Punchy Low End

Achieve professional-grade results with LowEnhance, the ultimate audio plugin for enhancing your low frequencies. Compress, saturate, and sculpt your bass to perfection, transforming muddy mixes into tight and powerful soundscapes.

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