All-in-one Dynamic Audio Compressor!

All-in-one Dynamic Audio Compressor!

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Runs on Windows & MacOS
Activation on up to 3 Devices at Once

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Simple UI

Advanced UI

Advanced UI Features:

In addition to all of the conventional controls found in a compressor, such as Threshold, Ratio, Knee, Attack, and Release, the Compactor offers a wide and unique set of features:

Compactor features multiple automatic parameters to speed up the workflow:

Set a maximum limit for gain reduction in dB. This feature guarantees that your audio won’t be compressed over the set limit (works really well when combined with the Auto Threshold).

Keep an eye on your audio levels with a comprehensive histogram that visually represents the input, compression, and post-compression audio levels.

The red line represents the Gain Reduction. The darker audio wave (in the background) show the incoming audio, and the brighter audio wave represents the output post-compression.

Understand and control the knee of your compression with a visual representation, enabling you to fine-tune the compression transition for a smooth and natural audio response.

Set a hold time in Milliseconds to control how long Compactor should hold the release before letting go.

Compactor can synchronize the release time to the tracks’ BPM.

  • Sync Release to the Host’s Tempo: Align the release time with the host’s Bpm and then set the release time by selecting from various time intervals, ranging from 1/1 notes to 1/32, for unparalleled timing precision.
  • Manual BPM Setting: If you prefer manual control, set the release time based on your desired BPM by manually entering it and then you can use the same time intervals (1/1 to 1/32) to control the release time.
  • Sync Release Hold: Create unique and rhythmic compression patterns by holding the release for a defined period, then releasing it for the same duration. Choose from various time intervals, ranging from 1/1 to 1/32, to add creative flair to your audio. This feature can be used to create the typical “pumping” effect achieved when sidechaining, but you can now do so without having to set up the entire sidechain, which depending on the DAW might take some time.

Compactor offers 4x and 8x oversampling options, reducing aliasing and improving the clarity of your compressed audio.

Use an external audio source to trigger Compactor and create pumping or ducking effects.

High-pass up to 1000Hz to control how the compressor reacts to the low end.

Protect the transients with the built-in lookahead functionality (no more clicks and pops)!

Automatic Threshold!

Set the threshold automatically based on the input signal. This feature works really well in conjunction with the “Limit Gain Reduction” parameter since the compressor will follow the input signal but never overly compress it!

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Aaron

Being able to sync the release when sidechaining is cool!

Will Lambert

Loving the smaller interface, makes it easy!