Hi, and welcome to The Home Recordings.

This website was launched by Facundo Arceo in September of 2018, and has since then become one of the most popular sites about anything related to home recording, music making, music related software, and other music production tools.

A bit of information about myself first;

Facundo Arceo, founder and owner of THR.

In 2007, I decided that I wanted to learn music production, so I enrolled in a one-year, very intensive course with one of the best producers in Argentina, called Gustavo Santucho.

I have been recording and producing music ever since, learning from other highly trained producers and enrolling in some other music courses as well, to further improve my skills.

The reason for starting this blog was to be able to teach other people who are also interested in music production and provide them with the best information possible, so that they don’t have to spend countless hours searching the web for it.

Additionally, I am the only writer on this blog, and all the information you see here I have written myself.

Useful Articles

Here’s a list of some of the posts that you might actually find useful.

Other useful resources

Some other useful websites and YouTube channels that I absolutely recommend.

Produce Like a Pro – Extremely good music production YouTube Channel.

Home Studio Corner – Similar YouTube channel to Produce like a Pro.

Rekkerd – great for audio news.

How to get in contact?

If you want to get in contact with me, you can send me an email to [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I do my best to answer every single email since I like to be as helpful as possible.

I hope you have fun here at The Home Recordings, but most importantly, learn a thing or two about audio engineering and music production.

Thanks for reading my blog!