Effortless Level Balance

The auto makeup gain feature ensures balanced levels, saving you time and effort in adjusting volumes. Let LowEnhance handle the technical details while you focus on shaping your sound.

Built-in Release Sync

Tempo sync your low end processing for tight integration with your project’s tempo. Maintain the groove and rhythm of your music with precision, resulting in polished and professional mixes.

Customize Your Dynamics

Choose from a range of fast and slow attack & release times to sculpt the dynamics of your low frequencies. Whether you want snappy compression or gentle saturation, LowEnhance offers the flexibility to suit your artistic vision.

Targeted Frequency Processing

Use the built-in filter to select the specific frequency range you want to process (40Hz to 250Hz). Preserve clarity and definition in your mix by precisely tailoring your bass frequencies.

Add Character and Warmth

Enhance your low end with overdrive and soft clipping options. Inject grit and harmonics into your mix, adding depth and personality to your sound.


1. Auto makeup gain for balanced levels.

2. Tempo sync for tight rhythm integration.

3. Fast and slow attack & release times for precise dynamics.

4. Filter to select processed frequency range.

5. Overdrive and soft clipping for added character.

6. Light and dark GUI modes for customizable experience.

7. Activate on up to 3 devices.

8. 7-day Free Trial.

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Unlock the True Potential of Your Mixes

LowEnhance delivers exceptional value for its extensive features and unmatched performance. Take your mixes to new heights and unleash the power of your low end with LowEnhance today!

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