Glue & Aggressive Compression Styles

Master Bus

Automatic Gain Compensation

Compensate the loss of volume generated by the compression either globally or per band.

Synchronize the Release Time

MB-Control can synchronize the release to the track’s BPM, resulting in a natural compression that grooves with the music.

Pristine Audio Quality

With the built-in oversampling engine, MB-Control delivers high-audio quality without aliasing or artifacts.

Built-In Saturation Module for each Band

Enable saturation for each band individually.

The saturation module has been carefully configured to not changed the perceived output volume of the signal, making it simple to add sparkle to the track without having to adjust the output volume.

Frequency Visualizer

Visualize each band’s input level (main or sidechain), the cutoff frequency, and the threshold for each band.

Click and drag on the cutoff & threshold lines to control the parameters.

What People are Saying

Why use MB-Control?

Key Features:

Oversampling Results

The standard method for testing oversampling is using spectral analysis to view the effect of compression on a sine sweep to check for aliasing. Here are the results for the MB-Control:

THR MB-Control is more than just a multiband compressor; it’s a tool that provides nuanced control, creative possibilities, and a professional edge to your audio projects.

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