The 15 Best Music Production Schools & How much they Cost!

Last updated on June 15th, 2022 at 12:19 pm

Learning Music Production can be quite difficult, especially because you usually don’t know where to start and what steps to take in order to improve.

Music production schools can definitely help you quite a bit in getting you off on the right foot.

Some of them can be pretty expensive, however, which is why I will include two articles at the end of the post about online music production courses that are definitely much more affordable.

Best Music Production Schools

In this list you’ll find the best Music Schools in the US, Europe and Australia that actually can give you great results, some more affordable than others, but they are all excellent!

I will be listing how much they cost and what country they’re in, as well as the overall duration of the course.

Most of the schools on this list also offer online courses, which are great if you don’t live near any of them but still want to get their level of education.

Note: At the end of the post there will be a couple tables with all the information such as what country the schools are in, as well as the price, program durations, etc.

…In case you’re in a hurry and just want to get the info as soon as possible!

Well then, let’s start with…


Location; Boston, US and Valencia, Spain.

Price: $74,335.88/€59,981 respectively, per year.

I don’t think that Berklee needs an introduction, since it’s possibly the best-known music production school in the world by now.

Not only that, but to date, 126 Berklee alumni have received 297 Grammy Awards, which is the highest level of award a musician could ever win, including John Mayer, Quincy Jones, Joey Kramer from Aerosmith, and more.

You can choose from 27 majors offered through B.M., B.F.A., B.P.S., and artist diploma programs, as well as over 30 graduate and undergraduate programs, which can be done online as well, and summer programs for undergraduate students are also available.

Additionally, they offer Internships, which is a great way to get hands-on experience in the field.

Now, one interesting aspect of studying at Berklee is that undergraduate students have the opportunity to travel to Spain and spend a semester, or more, over at the campus in the city of Valencia.

And lastly, as a Berklee College of Music undergraduate student, you must declare one “principal instrument”, such as guitar, piano, etc., however, since 2019, you can also choose an Electronic Digital Instrument as your main instrument, like Ableton Push.

Here’s a link to Berklee’s official Website.

Full Sail University

Location: Florida, US.

Price: $81,000.

Full Sail University offers campus and online degree programs that are designed for the world of entertainment.

Offering associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, Full Sail’s approach is centered on real-world industry experience, meaning that their programs are project-based work in professional environments and on professional software and hardware.

This gives their students the chance to experience what it’s like to work in their industry before they graduate.

The campus is located in Florida only, but luckily they offer online degrees as well, such as the “Audio Production Bachelor”, the “Music Production Bachelor”, and the “Music Business Bachelor”, which are  29-month in-depth online courses.

The latter two can also be done on the campus in 20 months of time.

Lastly, just like Berklee, Full Sail is considered to be one of the top music schools in all of the US, which is saying something.

Here’s a link to Full Sail’s official Website.

SAE Institute

Location: In 22 different countries all over the world.

Price: $24,273.25 up to $87,278.00, depending on Country and City.

SAE, or School of Audio Engineering, has campuses all over the world, and there is definitely a good chance that there’s one near you that you could eventually attend.

They offer a huge variety of programs, which obviously vary from country to country, but they do offer a great music production program as well as an electronic music production one.

They not only offer Music related programs, but also ones about Animation, Games, etc., as well as various different levels of degrees such as; diploma, associate degree, bachelor and masters.

Also, their music studios are fantastic.

If you want to attend a music production school, SAE might be a good choice for the simple fact that they have so many different campuses worldwide.

Here’s a link to SAE’s official Website.

Abbey Road Institute

Location: Miami (US), France, UK, Netherlands, Germany.

Price: £15,870/€18,390/$45,350.

Well, I don’t think Abbey Road needs an Introduction whatsoever, since it’s probably the most famous recording studio in the world.

They offer many different programs in different countries, and their Music Production course, which is an intensive one-year journey, will develop your skills and expertise as an overall well-rounded producer.

You’ll have access to industry-standard equipment and studios and will be taught by experts including guest lectures with multi-award-winning professionals.

One interesting course they have is the “Song Production Masterclass”, where you will learn over the course of four days, how the recording experience is at Abbey Road, as well as the entire process of producing a song from start to finish.

Here’s Abbey Road’s Website.

Point Blank Music School

Location: London, Los Angeles, China, Ibiza, Mumbai, and Online.

Price: $1465 to £9.000 depending on the country.

Point Blank Music School is mostly focused on DJing and Music Production courses, but they also offer different courses, depending on what country you plan on studying, such as;

Singing and Songwriting, Weekend Courses, Summer School Courses, Music Business, and more.

Not only can you study on-campus but they also offer a 3-year long Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, as well as a Music Production Complete Master Diploma, DJ courses, and a lot more, and all of this online.

Point Blank has probably one of the highest selections of online programs of all the schools on this list, and you’ll surely find one that suits your needs.

Additionally, they even have a hugely popular YouTube channel where you will have access to loads of free information as well as get an idea if you like their style of teaching.

Here’s a link to Point Blank’s official Website.

Icon Collective

Location: Los Angeles, US.

Price: $2,995 to $38,995.

Icon Collective is a very respected music production school that’s based in Los Angeles, and it offers some of the most prestigious EDM production programs out there.

The different music production courses it has to offer are:

The Advanced Music Production Program

This is their longest and most in-depth course of all that lasts 18 months.

You will learn about music theory, mixing, mastering, vocal production, songwriting, music business, and more.

This course is aimed at people who want to learn advanced technical and creative aspects in the studio to create commercial-grade albums.

Of course, this is their most expensive course of all.

The Flagship Music Production Program

In this course you will learn over the course of 12 months about music production, synthesis arrangement, mixing and mastering.

You will also learn about the music business and how to protect your intellectual property.

The Music Production Program (Online only)

In this 18-month long online program you will learn how to be proficient with Ableton Live, and you will learn the basic studio techniques, as well as how to mix and master a song.

Additionally, you will learn the basics of the music business.

The Music Production Intro Course (Online Only)

This introductory course is only 11 weeks long and teaches you the fundamentals of Ableton Live, song arrangement and synthesis.

Now, all these courses have one thing in common which is that you get 1:1 time with a mentor each week who provides you with personalized feedback (even in the online courses), and that really adds value to the whole experience.

Here’s a link to Icon Collective’s official Website.

Garnish London

Location: LA, NY, Florida, Tennessee, Oakland, London, Hong Kong.

Price: £1799 to $9999 depending on country and course.

If you’re looking for an extremely personalized class where you won’t be sharing the classroom with over 20 people, then Garnish London might seem very appealing to you.

The programs they offer are for 8 or 6 people max., depending on the country, and the length of the courses range from 3 months to two and a half academic years.

Mainly focused on Electronic Music Production, you will learn all the essentials you need to create and produce quality music.

Students also have the chance to write, produce, engineer, mix and master their own EP and take it home with them.

The programs focus mainly on Ableton Live, but you will also learn the ins and out of Logic Pro X.

If you’re looking to learn about EDM production, then check out the official Website of Garnish London here.


Location: San Francisco, CA, and Online.

Price: $361 up to $30,995.

Pyramid is a popular Music Production School that focuses mainly on Electronic Music Production and DJing.

They offer both on-campus and online programs which should teach you all the fundamentals you need to know about electronic music production.

The Complete Producer course that they have, which is on-campus, will teach you all the basics about music production in general, not just Electronic Music, and you will also learn about performing live, creating music for Games, and about the music Business.

Another great on-campus program is the Electronic Music Producer Program, which focuses mainly on teaching you how to use Ableton Live and Logic Pro, as well as how to perform live, the basics of playing the piano, producing & arranging, about the music business, etc.

Additionally, online courses are also available which you can check out here, plus they are a lot more affordable than the on-campus ones.

Not only that, but they also have a mentorship program where you can schedule a call with a professional producer to guide you, should you need to.

Note: If you purchase any of the online courses, you also have access to a one-on-one call with a mentor with no additional cost to you.

Other than that, they have great facilities and an impressive lineup of instructors.

Here’s Pyramid’s official website.

Hyperbits Music

Location: Online courses only.

Price: $2,297 to $3,797.

Hyperbits is best known for being the artist who remixed other artists like Beyonce, Tove Lo, Nick Jonas and Laidback Luke.

Not only that, but he loves to teach, and this is what is all about.

His Masterclass has got other producers to a level where they could play on some of the world’s biggest festivals, and this is a clear testament to the overall quality of the education you will receive when enrolling in this Masterclass.

It is an 8-week long course, plus an additional years’ worth of live classes, where you will learn how to mix and master, and how to improve your workflow and creativity.

You will even get a 1-hour one-on-one private coaching session when you sign up.

This course costs between $2297 and $3797, depending on the tier.

However, other more affordable courses are also available such as; The Mix Master Flow, The Songwriting Matrix, and more.

Here’s a link to where you will be able to see the details of all the courses being offered.

London AMP

Location: London, UK.

Price: £749 up to £6,698.

Located at the heart of London, the London Academy of Music Production offers an array of great music production courses for all levels at a very reasonable price.

You can learn about Music Production, Sound Engineering, DJing and Music Software, and contrary to how most other music schools work, you can actually choose the date that you want to start the classes, as well as all subsequent classes, so that they fit around your lifestyle and schedule.

What I find appealing about London AMP is that the courses are usually taught on a one-to-one basis, with a maximum of four simultaneous students, which means that you will get a very personalized attention from the tutor.

They also are an EDEXCEL accredited learning center, which definitely should give you further trust in them.

As far as the length of the courses go, they offer anywhere from 5-day short courses up to 12-month long ones.

Lastly, their facilities are specifically designed to be productive and easy to use, which in turn just creates a better learning experience overall.

Here’s London AMP’s official Website.

Metal Academy

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Price: €1490.

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to learn sound engineering, then Metal Academy, which is located in Barcelona, Spain, might be for you.

They offer a 9-month long course where they cover all the basics you need to know in order to record and produce a song in a music studio.

Their main emphasis is on heavy metal and rock, but all the key learning point also apply to most other genres as well.

Additionally, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, violin and singing lessons are also available, and they will be tailored to the genre/subgenre that you decide.

As far as the price goes, which is already extremely affordable, they offer a further 10% discount for the full one-time payment.

Here’s Metal Academy’s official Website.


Location: Sydney, Australia.

Price: $6,275.

If you live in Australia and want to attend a music production school, then LiveSchool is definitely one you should take into consideration.

Their main focus is on Ableton Live, they even are an Ableton certified center, and their courses are all based on it.

Their main course “Produce Music”, is a 42-week long course that encompasses all the general music production knowledge like Remixing, Composing, Sound Design, Music Theory, Mixing & Mastering, and more.

However, they also offer many in-depth music production courses as well as separate modules that cover specifics about Ableton Live or music production and music theory.

This can be very useful to anyone who doesn’t want to enroll in a lengthy course but rather just needs to polish certain aspects of his/her music knowledge.

As of recently, they also added online courses which weren’t available earlier, and their “Produce Music”  program is also available in an online format.

If you are based in Australia, or if you would like to enroll in any of their online courses, then definitely check out Liveschool’s official website to find out more.

Beat Lab Academy

Location: Los Angeles, CA. and online.

Price: From $1,795.

Beat Lab is an Ableton Certified partner, which means that all their courses are also based on Ableton Live.

It offers the “Beat Lab Certification Program”, which is actually comprised of four modules, and you can even take those individually if you want without having the need to do the entire course at once.

The four modules are; The fundamentals of Music Production, Producers Skills, Artist Progression and The Art of the Super Producer.

Each of these modules will set you back $1,795 and lasts 6 weeks.

Now, class days are twice a week, but you will also be able to meet twice a month individually with your instructor for private mentorship sessions, for a more personalized learning experience.

Not only that, but Beat Lab Certification Program students will finish with a fully mixed and mastered 2-track EP.

As members of the Beat Lab community, students and alumni receive help booking shows, live performance mentorship, production tools gathered throughout the program and beyond, and access to the Beat Lab Student Network.

Additionally, Online courses are also available on their site, as well as shorter and more specialized on-campus courses like the 12-week DJ course, or the 6-week Ableton Push course where you’ll learn about how to use Ableton Push for composition, mixing, etc.

Here’s a link to Beat Lab’s official Website.


Location: Barcelona, Madrid, and Online.

Price: €2.835to €6.375 per year depending on course.

At Microfusa you will be able to learn about Music Production as well as Electronic Music Production, DJing, Music Composition for Video Games, and more.

Their most in-depth course is the “Diploma in Music Production” which is a 2-year long program that teaches you music production in a very broad sense, since all the concepts can apply to almost any genre.

You will learn about the gear that is generally used in a studio, electronic instruments, music composition and production, the Software/DAW, History of Music, Mixing & Mastering, and more.

On successful completion of the diploma, it is possible to go on to do a university degree (Bachelor of Arts Hons)* in England, incorporating directly into the third year at Solent University.

Other shorter and more affordable courses are also available, such as; Production and DJ Professional Certification (€2,835), Electronic Music Production (€3,480), Musical Composition for Video Games (€3,450).

All these courses are all 9 months long.

Additionally, online courses are also available, ranging from 11 weeks to 9 months and from €580 to €2,245.

Here’s a link to Microfusa’s official Website.

Promad Formación

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Price: €480.

Note: The Courses are only available in Spanish.

If you live in the city of Madrid and want to learn either Music Production, how to be a DJ, or want to learn about music composition, then Promad might be for you.

They offer classes with a maximum of three people at the same time, which means that they will be extremely personalized, which is always a good thing.

In their Music production course you will learn about composition, both electronic and classical, recording, editing and mixing, and more.

All in all, this is a pretty affordable way to learn music production… It’s even cheaper than most online courses!

Plus, you will have access to real equipment and only share the class with two other students, and I think that this is an excellent way to learn.

Check out Promad’s official website here.

Music Production Schools in the US and How much they cost

Music SchoolCity/CountryPriceDurationType of Course
Abbey Road InstituteMiami, US$45,35012 monthsMusic Production and Sound Engineering
BerkleeBoston, US$74,335.88One Academic YearContemporary Performance, Music Business, Music Production, Film Scoring.
Garnish LondonLA, NY, Florida, Tennessee, Oakland.$9999 + $500 registration Fee8 ten-week terms (2 and a half Academic Years)Electronic Music Production
Point Blank Music SchoolLos Angeles, US$4,185 per term or $1,465 per month.9 months to a YearMusic Production and Sound Design
Icon CollectiveLos Angeles, US$2,995 up to $38,995From 3 months up to 18 months.Music Production
PyramidSan Francisco, US$361,79 up to $30,9958 months to a yearMusic Production, Video Game Music, Electronic Music production.
Full Sail UniversityFlorida, US$81,00020 months (on campus), 24 months (online)Music Production
SAE Institute
Hyperbits Music(Just Online Course)$2,297 to $3,7971 YearElectronic Music Production/Music Production
Beatlab AcademyLos Angeles, US.$1,795 per level.6 weeks to 6 months.Music Production/Electronic Music Production

Music Production Schools in Europe and How much they cost

Music SchoolCity/CountryPriceDurationType of Course
Promad FormaciónMadrid, Spain$48040 hoursMusic Production, DJ
Abbey Road InstituteFrance, UK, Netherlands, Germany.£15,870/€18,390 depending on country12 monthsMusic Production and Sound Engineering
London AMPLondon, England£749 up to £6,698From 5 days up to 6-12 monthsMusic Production, Sound Engineering, DJ, Music Software Courses
Garnish LondonLondon, UK.£1799 to £49996 months to a year.Electronic Music Production
BerkleeValencia, Spa in€59,981 per yearOne Academic YearContemporary Performance, Music Business, Music Production, Film Scoring.
Metal AcademyBarcelona, Spain€14909 monthsAudio Engineering.
MicrofusaBarcelona and Madrid, Spain€6.375 per year (Music Production), €2.835 (DJ)2 years (MP) Months (DJ)Music Production, DJ.
Garnish LondonLondon, England£49991 year (2 days a week), or 6 months (3 days a week)Electronic Music Production
Point Blank Music SchoolLondon, England. Ibiza, Spain.£9.000 per year2-3 years (depending on number of days per week)Music Production & Sound Engineering
Promad FormaciónMadrid, Spain$48040 hoursMusic Production, DJ

Music Production Schools in Australia and How much they Cost

Music SchoolCity/CountryPriceDurationType of Course
LiveSchoolSydney$6,27542 weeksMusic Production

Affordable Alternatives to traditional Music Production Schools

Some of the schools listed here can actually be quite affordable and offer a lot of value at the same time…

However, there are other much more affordable alternatives out there; In fact, I wrote two posts about the best affordable online Music Production- and Djing courses available.

I would highly suggest checking those posts out since you may end up saving thousands of dollars by just enrolling in an online course instead of going to an expensive music production school.

Here are the posts;


Learning Music production will definitely take a lot of time and practice, and yes, enrolling in an expensive music school will probably yield excellent results.

But, with the amount of information available on the internet, sometimes even for free, why not try to get the information elsewhere before blowing 50k-80k on a music production career?

After finishing those online courses, if you really feel like you need to enroll on a high-end music production school, by all means you should do it!

Anyway, I hope this information was useful to you!

Have a wonderful day!