Molot is a Free Compressor by Vladg/Sound; Review!

The Molot compressors’ visual aesthetics are based on an old Soviet Military device, and it looks amazing.

It was released by Tokyo Dawn Labs a while back and they claim that it’s a compressor with loads of “Character”, which basically means that it will definitely color the sound of the track you’re using it on.

It is an analog-style compressor that doesn’t just work as a dynamic range compression tool, but also as a saturation and tonal shaping plugin; if you’re getting too much saturation you can turn it off from the interface to get a more “transparent” sound.

It comes in Russian, but the Interface language can be changed to English via a switch, so make sure to read the manual on how to do this.

Now, as far as ease of use goes, it’s definitely not for beginners since it features loads of different controls and options to affect the sound.

Additionally, it has some extra features that are completely unique to Molot itself, which means that even more experienced producers may have a pretty hard time figuring it out.

If you decide to download Molot, then I’d highly advise that you read the manual in order to really understand what each of the controls does.

Now, Molot can be used as a regular compressor or an analog-style saturation effect, and it can definitely be used on single tracks or on the master bus.

Still, like I mentioned earlier, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to beginners.


  • Very characterful sound.
  • Sigma and alpha attack modes.
  • 33609-like sound in sigma mode.
  • Dual mono, linked stereo, M, S and M/S modes.
  • Up to 8x oversampling.
  • Mid-scoop EQ for simple tonal balance fix.
  • Built-in limiter for peaks suppressing.
  • Almost zero latency (2 samples).
  • Switchable GUI language EN/RU.
  • External sidechaining (inputs 3/4)

You can download the plugin for free at the Tokyo Dawn website here; It works on both Windows and Mac OS and on every major DAW.

It comes in VST2 and AU formats, in 32-bit and 64-bit, and the whole plugin is about 9.1MB in size.

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