DCAM FreeComp By FXpansion Review!

The DCAM FreeComp, which was released by FXpansion, is a free circuit-modelled bus compression plugin available in VST, AU or RTAS formats.

It is modelled around a classic console bus compressor design and is intended to be used to “glue” mixes and subgroups together while enhancing punch and definition.

This means that it’s actually best for really subtle compression, as well as bus compression.

FreeComp is probably one of the best-known freeware compressors by now for the simple reason that it has that subtle analog flavor to it, plus it’s super simple to use, considering that it only features the following controls;

Attack, Ratio, Threshold and Makeup, as well as In Gain and Out Gain.

But that’s really it, and you can use it to apply really subtle compression to tame some peaks, or to create punchy drum sounds, and more.

Now, it is completely free to download, but you must register in order to get access to the download.

However, since I believe that it’s an absolutely fantastic plugin and that you can get it for free, having to register isn’t too bad.

The Plugin itself is only 16MB, works both on Windows and Mac OS, and comes in VST, AU and AAX formats, in 32-bit and 64-bit.

You can download DCAM FreeComp for free here.

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