Tascam Model 12, 16 and 24; True Hybrid Mixers!

Last updated on March 14th, 2023 at 01:52 am

The Tascam Model 12, 16 and 24 are true hybrid mixers that have all the controls an analog console has to offer, as well as some extra digital features.

They can record 8, 12, and 22 simultaneous tracks directly to your DAW or to an SD card at a maximum quality of 24-bit/48kHz.

On the first two channels you also get an Instrument/Line-in jack with the ability to switch between them with the press of a button. Also, those two channels have an extra insert on the front.

Just like the Presonus StudioLive AR ones, the Tascam Model series come with RCA, minijack and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming Audio.

These mixers also provides 16 built-in effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Flanger, etc. for each channel,  as well as a stereo 7-band graphic EQ that can be applied to the main mix or monitors output, which will allow you to shape your mixes to your liking and prevent feedback.

The Phantom Power can be supplied globally, sadly not individually, but this shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

Additionally, they feature the Routing Mode selector, which is common to all channels and allows for setting the input of your choice; the live incoming signal, the return from a DAW channel or the return from the internal multitrack recorder to each channel for EQ, processing, etc.

This enables you to overdub in the studio or to play backing tracks, etc.

One interesting and extremely useful feature, especially for live events, is the one knob compressor on the first couple channels, since it lets you compress the signal extremely quickly and effectively

Additionally, they come with a 3-band EQ with Sweepable mids, plus a low-cut on those same channels. On the rest of them you only get a regular 3-band EQ plus the low-cut.

If I could compare these mixers to any other ones currently available, it had to be the StudioLive Arc mixers by Presonus.

There are a couple differences between them, like the 7-band graphic EQ which really comes in handy during live performances, but there are extremely similar.

Now, the Model 12 comes with one feature that the other two don’t have which is the “DAW Mode”.

Enabling DAW mode basically turn the console into a control surface for the most used DAWs currently available, which is certainly a plus.


  • DAW Control (Only Tascam Model 12)
  • 7-Band Graphic EQ on main mix
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • One-Knob Compressor
  • Built-in effects
  • Built-in audio interface

These mixers are the perfect combination between an analog and a digital mixer, especially the Model 12 since it can also work as a control surface.

If you are building a home studio, or just want a good mixer for live events, these ones have you covered!

Hybrid mixing is way easier with these kinds of mixers than with ones that don’t have built-in audio interfaces, since you won’t need to purchase any extra equipment!

Plus, you can always record the live performance to an SD card without the need of a computer.

You can get the Tascam Model Series here:

I hope this information was useful!

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