40.000+ FREE Nexus Presets & Expansion Packs!

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Here’s a list of some great Nexus expansion and preset packs that you can download absolutely for free!

Note: Make sure to not download any suspicious links.

Free Nexus Expansions & Presets

REFX Nexus Presets (30.000)

Let’s start this list off with the largest collection of presets and expensions packs I’ve ever seen for Nexus.

It’s a Google Drive folder I found on reddit that contains over 30.000 presets that you can get for absolutely free!


You can download it here.

London On Da Tracks Nexus XP

Are you looking for the perfect instrumental expansion pack? Then look no further, because this free Nexus pack includes a bunch of different instruments and sound effects, packaged in a beginner-friendly interface.

The London On Da Tracks Nexus XP includes instruments such as bells, strings, 808 subs, leads, arpeggiator, piano, hits & plucks and so much more.

You certainly can’t go wrong with this expansion pack.

You can download it here.

Nice Keys Nexus Expansion

The free of cost Nexus expansion released by the brand Los CJ is an arrangement of different piano presets.

This pack includes 34 piano variants, which allows you to unleash the most exquisite piano melodies in your compositions.  Nice keys is just what you need to bring a classic touch to your music.

You can download it here.

Summer Deep Chill Nexus3 Expansion

Released by the sound mogul REFX, this expansion pack is perfect for those who like to produce electronic dance music.

It has 130 presets that will emulate beachy and upbeat vibes in your compositions. The expansion library includes a versatile array of leads, drums, harps, and more.

You can access this free built-in expansion through the Nexus 3 library, or you can find this it available in the REFX cloud app from where you can download it completely for free.

Trap Money – Nexus Expansion & Drum Kit

This expansion pack from RayBeatz 808 is a mighty combo of drums and nexus presets.

Fill your composition with 25 different hi-hats, various snares and claps, 25 kicks and 808s along with some 75 exclusive presets.

This expansion pack is a game changer for your music productions as the 808s and drum kits will fuel your composition with vivid energy.

You can download it here.

Ultimate R&B Nexus Expansion Pack

The Ultimate R&B Nexus Expansion Pack contains some 40 custom presets, all of which are of extremely high quality.

From synths, bass, and percussions to horns, bells, and guitar, this pack has every instrumental preset you need to produce R&B driven ambiance.

Compatible for Nexus 2, this pack adds dope beats and a fiery vibe to your tracks. Check out this arrangement that is produced with Ultimate R&B expansion pack.

You can download it here.

The Producer’s Plug REFX Nexus XP

The Nexus expansion released by Producer’s Plug allows you to produce stunning beats for R&B, Hip Hop & Trap Beats.

This easy-to-use expansion pack contains different high-performance presets with synths, leads, bass and stunning samples.

You can add this free plugin in your collection to bring a unique variance in your releases.

You can download it here.

Holy Trap Mary Nexus Expansion

This free Nexus expansion has a whooping 193 presets featuring a variety of brass, leads, strings, keys, bass, and arpeggiator (to name a few).

The Holy Trap Mary expansion is compatible with Nexus 2, and a perfect bundle to emulate the captivating trap beats. What’s more! It also includes an epic range of drum samples in the bonus drum kit. The Wav format samples in this expansion pack are easily imported into any DAW or sampler.

You can download it here.

Wrecks Nexus Trap Expansions

The Wrecks Nexus Trap Expansion has about 131 instrumental presets. All the presets come with Hip hop and Trap-inspired beats, which will definitely suit the sensibilities of many modern music producers.

Whether you want to add astonishing pulses or build dynamic chords in your music, this huge preset library will come in handy.

You can download it here.

Cold x Beats Nexus Expansion

This is your ultimate and free expansion pack that contains up to 500 different presets to elevate your production game.

From instrumental presets to choir, orchestral, sound effects and voice-based presets; you have everything that you need in this package. Unleash big beats and enchanting melodic structures with this expansion pack.

You can download it here (in the description of the video).

Nexus Trap Ultimate Expansion

This Nexus expansion has about 100 presets.

The multitude of western, eastern, and oriental instrumental presets in this pack allows you to add a unique element to your music. The high-quality sample library will simply elevate your production skills.

You can download it here.

REFX Nexus Preset Expansion

Whether you want trance, psytrance, hardcore, or electronic sounds in your compositions, this REFX expansion bundle has everything that you need.

With 100 different presets, and beginner-friendly UI, this Nexus expansion gives a range of creative options to the music producers. This pack will certainly allow you to produce bangers!

You can download it here.

Nexus UK Drill Presets

If you are looking for UK based music and instrumental samples, then Nexus UK Drill Presets is the best option. This bundle includes a bunch of flutes, pads, and piano samples that can give your composition the dark edge that you want.

You can download it here.

Young Chop Nexus Presets

This preset pack lets you create Hard Trap, Hip Hop, and Trap Soul sounds easily.

This pack takes inspiration from the talented producer Young Chop, and includes 9 presets. The contents of the preset are choir, string, brass, piano, and synth, to name a few.

You can download it here.

Big Orchestra Free Preset Pack

This pack includes 30 orchestral sound patches. The customized sound samples are perfect for trap and techno compositions. It includes a variety of orchestral instruments, such as pianos, bells, flutes, trumpets, and leads.

If you want to add a symphonic touch to your compositions, then this bundle is for you!

You can download it here.

Metro Boomin Drum Kit

When you need to unleash a barrage of epic drum work in your music, this powerful drum kit is the perfect package.

This preset kit includes the signature 808s and drums by music producer Metro Boomin, and includes loads of presets, such as hi-hats, 808s, percussions, kicks, and claps.

You can download it here.

Nexus 6 SFX Sample Pack

The sample pack features a drum machine with ambient and cinematic sounds. There are 26 drum presets in this pack, from explosive percussions, and drums to powerful pads, this bundle will allow you to craft some sick beats that will ignite your music projects with a new energy.

You can download it here.

The Trap Kid

The Trap Kid ReFX Nexus Expansion comes with 97 presets for you which are mainly aimed at trap music producers.

You can download it here.

Nexus Big Orchestra

Big Orchestra Nexus Expansion a brand new and exciting collection of presets for Nexus. This free preset pack comes loaded with 30 custom orchestral patches that will absolutely have your beats sounding dope. The pack was made with trap production in mind, but the sounds can easily be used in other flavors of music too.

You can download it here.

Warm 808 Bass Samples

Get your hands on this 24-bit, hi-definition bass sample library to elevate your music production skills.

With the help of Warm 808 Bass Samples you will be able to add some unique bass textures into your composition that will surely result in chart-topping tracks. This pack includes 500 bass samples all which are available in Wav format.

You can download it here.

Best Paid  Nexus Expansions

1. Festival EDM by REFX

This particular expansion pack will give you tools to make your music festival ready. Containing 128 different presets from sound effects, vocoders, leads, harps, to hybrid effects, this expansion pack is compatible with both Nexus 2 and Nexus 3.

With this expansion collection you will have everything needed for producing the perfect EDM music.

You can download it here.

2. Dance Orchestra by REFX ($60)

Boasting 129 amazing presets, the Dance Orchestra by REFX expansion is excellent for both contemporary and orchestral music.

This pack allows you to produce larger than life and cinematic sounds with extremely useful brass, and ringing choir sections. From harps, flutes to oboe, this paid plugin is your one-stop solution for rich instrumental arrangement.

You can download it here.

3. Guitars by REFX ($60)

If you want to unleash the magic of six-stringed guitar sounds in your production, then this paid expansion is made for you. Compatible with all Nexus editions, this expansion pack has 134 presets, which cover various jazz and rock sounds. Additionally, you get various bass, sitar presets, and sound effects like tremolo. This pack is definitely worth the investment.

You can download it here.

4. Shotbeats Bundle 1 ($19.95)

Available on the online plugin marketplace ProducerSpot, the Shobeats Bundle 1 is the perfect package.

This expansion bundle includes 4 sample packs, i.e., Pump XI, Kings, Money Gangs & Cashmoney.

These sample packs allow you to create R&B, Hip Hop, and Trap sounds to perfection. This affordable bundle includes 136 presets, various one-shot samples, loops, and even construction kits.  


You can download it here.

5. FX Expansion Pack by REFX ($30)

Your music needs the perfect set of sound effects. Therefore, FX Expansion Pack by REFX is a must-have for every music producer. It includes a full range of effects such as booms, loops, hits, breaks, and lifters. Extremely user-friendly, this seamless pack is developed by Manuel Schleis. It has up to 151 presets. From chord generators, risers, to oscillators to pitch adjustment and loop morphing, every sound effect that you can think is under your fingers.

You can download it here.

How to Install Nexus

Let me know in the comments below what other expansions and preset packs you like and where to find them so I can include them in this list!

As always, have a wonderful day!

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