Free Reverb VST/AU Plugins; The 15 Best Ones!

Last Updated on January 2, 2021.

Even though every single DAW comes with at least one Reverb plugin, there are still a couple free ones out there that definitely work great.

Not only this, but they all have different features, color the sound in a different way, they may have an EQ to shape the tails of your reverbs, and more.

This means that by just having a couple free ones in your arsenal you can enhance your mixes that much further, since you can use different ones to achieve the desired sound.

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Let’s get started;

5 Best Free Reverb VST Plugins

Plugin NameFeaturesFormatOperating System
OrilRiverBest Free room & Hall Reverb. 3-band EQ.VST, VST3 32-bit & 64-bitWindows, Mac OS
epicVerb3-band EQ. Very Versatile.VST32-bitWindows Only
Tal-Reverb-4Good All-rounder. Easy to use.VST, AU, AAX 32-bit & 64-bitWindows, Mac OS, Linux
Reverb Solo1-Knob plugin. Best for absolute beginners.VST, AU, AAX 32-bit & 64-bitWindows, Mac OS
Ambience ReverbGood for Huge Sounds. “Gate” and “Hold” Functions.VST, AU 32-bit & 64-bit Mac 32-bit Windows.Windows, Mac OS

Let’s get straight into the list!

1. OrilRiver by Dennis Tihanov

OrilRiver Reverb that features a 3-band EQ to shape the color of the reverb tails.

OrilRiver is a stereo reverb that comes packed with features, sounds great, and is on par with plenty commercial reverb plugins out there, which is why it deserves the Nr.1 spot on this list.

The user interface delivers a hassle-free workflow since its well organized- and intuitive design. You can choose between twelve early reflection models and five types of reverb tail, and it also offers control over the room size and other parameters.

It also features a 3-band EQ to help you tweak the tail of the reverb in greater detail.

The one con with OrilRiver is that it only features Room and Hall reverbs.

You can download it here.

2. epicVerb by Variety of Sound

epicVerb Reverb that features a 3-band EQ to shape the color of the reverb tails.

The Nr. 2 spot on this list has to go to epicVerb because of its versatility, ease of use and overall great sound quality.

It’s designed to create tight small room and ambience effect simulations well suited to modern drum and vocal productions, as well as huge hall simulations for epic sounds.

The interface allows for in-depth customization, and it even features a 3-band EQ for tweaking the reverb tails frequency ranges in great detail.

I would’ve loved to give it the Nr.1 spot on this list, but sadly it’s only available for Windows 32-bit systems.

You can download it here.

3. Tal-Reverb-4

Tal-Reverb-4 is a 6-knob free Reverb Plugin.

After the success of its predecessor “Reverb-2”, TAL released a new and improved version called “Reverb-4”.

Reverb-4 allows you to create diffused-sound and vintage-style reverb sounds with ease thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.

With just 6 knobs on the front panel, aside from “Dry” and “Wet”, it’s the ideal reverb plugin for any producer that values simplicity and ease of use.

It’s worth noting, however, that Tal Reverb-4 only works on stereo sources.

You can download it here.

4. Reverb Solo by Acon Digital

Reverb Solo is a one-knob reverb plugin that is ideal for beginners.

Speaking of ease of use, do you imagine being able to control the amount of reverb with just one knob?

Well, Reverb Solo features an ultra minimalistic interface and set of features; One knob to control the size of the room as well as the brightness at the same time, and another dry/wet slider, and that’s it!

This means that what it may lack in versatility, it definitely makes up in ease of use.

Granted, this reverb plugin won’t be able to fit all your needs, but if you’re a beginner, then I can’t think of any better way to get started using reverb since you won’t have to deal with dozens of settings and parameters.

You can download it here.

5. Ambience Reverb by Smartelectronicx

Ambience Reverb is designed to create massive reverb sounds.

Ambience is a reverb plugin that’s been around for ages, and it’s considered by many as a “Classic”.

It is designed to emulate huge and massive spaces and to create the feeling of a gigantic atmosphere.

Additionally, it features a gate function that can be used to create the typical 80s gated snare hits, as well as the “hold” function that lets you hold the reverb effect in an infinite loop.

Some other useful features are; the EQ, Shape, and the Dampening sections that let you shape the tail of the reverb even further.

Note: It works on Mac on both 32- and 64-bit systems, but it’s only available for Windows 32-bit.

You can download it here.

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6. u-he Protoverb

Protoverb is a completely different kind of reverb.

Protoverb by U-he is an experimental reverb that was created to help them better determine the best design for reverb algorithms.

The idea behind Protoverb was to create a good “room simulation”, and contrary to most algorithmic reverbs, Protoverb doesn’t try to avoid resonances or model the reflections of sound from room walls.

In fact, it does the opposite and builds as many room resonances as possible.

The result is a very natural sounding reverb with a couple interesting features;

  • Long standing frequencies resonate louder
  • Multiple instruments don’t mash into a diffuse mud
  • When playing a short melody, the room seems to repeat the echo, like it often happens with church- and large hall reverbs.

The controls are fairly limited, which is both good and bad depending on your overall knowledge.

These controls are; 2 randomize buttons, decay, dry and wet.

It’s definitely worth checking out since it takes a different approach to reverb.

You can download it here.

7. TAL-Reverb-2

Tal-Reverb-2 is ideal for reverbs with long tails.

Yes I know I already mentioned Reverb-4 earlier, but Reverb-2 definitely deserves a spot on this list as well!

In fact, they are both quite different.

Tal-Reverb-2 is a diffuse and lush reverb effect with a fast build up time. Ideal for ambient reverb sounds, and its primary focus is on long reverb tails.

You can download it here.

8. OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo

OldSkoolVerb is a great all-rounder reverb.

OldSkoolVerb implements a type of classic stereo reverb algorithm that is capable of producing a clear spatial image.

It is certainly able to- and very convincingly- create reverb sounds for many different spaces, such as rooms, halls, etc. that blend well with the mix.

It’s extremely simple and easy to use, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful plugin to use.

Note: OldSkoolVerb is best suited for non-percussive and soft-attack sounds like vocals, piano and pad sounds.

You can download it here.

9. Cloud Seed by Valdemar Erlingsson

Cloud Seed is the best free reverb for creating huge 80s reverb sounds.

CloudSeed is an algorithmic reverb plugin built in C# and C++ for emulating huge and endless spaces, and modulating echoes.

Note: It only works on Windows.

It’s not a regular room reverb like some of the ones on this list, but rather more of a special effect that can completely transform the signal.

If you’re looking for a huge 80s reverb sound, then CloudSeed should be the reverb you reach for.

The interface looks a bit more cluttered and less intuitive than most of the previous plugins I listed, but in use it’s not as complicated as it may seem.

You can download it here.

10. Safe Reverb by Semantic Audio

Safe Reverb lets you use semantic terms to adjust the reverb type.
Ideal for beginners!

The whole point behind the SAFE plugins by Semantic Audio is to provide the user with an easier way to control the plugins by using semantic terms such as “warm, bright”, etc. to make the whole process more intuitive.

You just type the word in and it adjust the settings automatically.

You can save custom presets to the cloud while also being able to directly access the presets saved by other users.

Additionally, the SAFE Reverb plugin currently comes with hundreds of custom patches to choose from, all submitted by producers from around the world.

I’d recommend this reverb plugin mostly to beginners, since being able to control the plugin via “words” can help you better understand how reverbs work.

Give it a try!

You can download it here.

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11. GlaceVerb by Dasample

GlaceVerb is a different kind of reverb since it lets you control the characteristics of the materials where sound reflects off of.

GlaceVerb uses a proprietary reverb algorithm developed to calculate the deformations, vibrations and the acoustic response of surfaces and materials, and it allows you to change these parameters; like setting the density from flat to high reverberation, or the surface parameters like the absorption, texture, and reflections.

Lastly, it also provides all the typical reverb controls like Dry, Wet, Bass, and Size, as well as 64 presets (new ones can also be saved).

While not the most modern Reverb plugin out there, it does have something special to offer that the other ones don’t, so give it a shot.

Note: It only works on Windows 32-bit.

You can download it here.

12. Sanford Reverb Leslie Sanford

Sanford Reverb is a great all-rounder.

This is a very versatile reverb effect plugin which used to be sold for $25 but luckily, it’s free now!

It’s got a great early reflections section, which is what lets you control how big, or small, the room is as well as the sense of distance.

Sanford Reverb gives you absolute control over the early reflections, allowing you to simulate a large number of spaces.

If you want an excellent reverb that should definitely not be free, but for some reason is, then make sure to give Sanford Reverb a chance.

Note: on the Leslie Sanford website you will also be able to find a Synth, a Delay, and a Bass Tightener that are also worth testing out.

You can download it here.

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13. Spring Reverb by Hotto Engineering

Spring Reverb emulates the traditional Spring Reverb used in the 60s.

Hotto Spring reverb is an incredibly simple, no-nonsense spring reverb that is super easy to use since it only features a couple parameters for you to tweak.

This style of reverb effect was made popular by guitar players in the 60s, and this plugin emulates that sound well and it does all this with a very simple interface and feature set.

You can download it here.

14. MuVerb by Mutools

MuVerb is excellent for creating huge sounds.

MuVerb is one of those reverb plugins that works well on just about anything that needs to sound huge.

MuVerb comes with MuTools MuLab, which a DAW that you can try out for free on their site, and it works on both Windows and Mac OS.

One cool feature it provides is the “Turbulence” Section, which works similar to how a gate does, as well as an EQ section, which always comes in handy when you want to shape the tails of your reverbs.

If you’re in need of a fairly simple reverb plugin that is designed to make your Synths, Snares, or any other mix element sound huge, give MuVerb a shot.

You can download it here.

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15. Freeze Chamber by Synthescience

Freezechamber lets you “freeze” the sound, creating something similar to a Synth sound.

With a super minimalistic interface, Freeze Chamber is really simple and straightforward reverb processor that can add some “room” to your tracks.

One really cool feature it provides is the “Freeze” switch that allows you to hold the process in a suspended state while the reverb processing is still ongoing, creating a sound that’s very similar to that of a synth tone.

Freezechamber is fully automatable and has the ability to store 64 presets, and it comes with a few already pre programmed that will show what it’s all about, but you can definitely tweak and save them for later use.

Installation procedure: Unzip the file, then copy the DLLs into your VstPlugins folder.

You can download it here.


All of these 15 plugins are great and I don’t think you can go wrong with downloading any them.

If you’re having a hard time choosing one, then I’d highly recommend scrolling back to the top of the article and checking out the table I posted about the top 5 recommendations.

I hope this information was useful!

Have a wonderful day!

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